Values And Objectives  


Integration of Value Education with 21st Centaury Technologies. 

Maximum use of ICT in Teaching Learning Process.

Dedication towards quality education. 

Keeping the view of Individual differences, inclusive education is preferred.

Awareness about environmental issues.

Contributing to the national development

Quest for excellence

Develop inner qualities like honesty, punctuality, cooperation, humanity and truthfulness.

Develop self-discipline and self-trust.


To sensitize the Pupil Teachers for the sustenance of value oriented education.  

To enable the students to develop understanding of the principles of pedagogy and their application in curriculum transaction and evaluation.

To enable the Pupil Teachers to integrate the ICT with ancient Indian educational philosophy for a quality academic environment. 

To develop the knowledge, skills and competencies among the students needed for playing multifaceted role of the teachers in the new era.

To provide an enthusiastic, motivating, inspiring and equally accessible teaching – learning environment, conducive to the professional growth of teacher educators and student teachers.

To provide opportunities to the faculty and the students to undertake action research projects contributing to new insights into the teaching-learning process.

To recognize the need of the society and to propose competent teachers with knowledge of advanced technology. 

To enable students to live with harmony as an individual and as a cohesive unit in the teaching learning process and in society.

To provide conducive environment for the development their personality, good communication skills and moral values.

To instill the spirit of fellowship among students, to prepare them as responsible citizens through cooperation and peaceful co-existence.

To inspire students for life long learning.

To prepare teachers sensitize towards social issues and consent. 

To encourage students participation in sports, quality and to provide them a suitable.